All Saints – One Strike

It took 10 years to finally hear back from one of the most talented girl groups of all days…at least for me. And it’s all happening today! I couldn’t believe my eyes when this morning its majesty YouTube suggested me, in the “videos you may like” section, the new All Saints song, One Strike.

For all the 90s music lovers this is huge. Nasty rumors tell that the four girls decided to finally get back together when, early this year, their worst musical nemesis, Spice Girls everybody, announced their come back for this 2016.

Is it just commercial strategy? Believe it or not with One Strike, and their forth coming album Red Flag, time seems to have stopped for the wonderful quartet. A seductive mid tempo track full with inspiration and elegance showcasing their beautiful voices on a wraparound base that simply capture the listeners.

Pass with merit girls! Enjoy One Strike.