Ariana Grande – Focus On Me

What a year this 2015 for Ariana Grande. Her comeback is finally reality. Largely aniticipated to her arianators through Twitter, Miss Grande finally released her first single Focus On Me of her new EP Moonlight.
Focus On Me sounds like the new next big hit of this 2015 fall. The song’s structure is exactly the same of Problem (excluding Iggy Azalea ofc), but hell if it rocks! The track has so much energy and it’s quite impossible to stand still. I’m even dancing while writing this post! Plus let’s talk about the MV! Drool…drool…drool. Guess this little chick really wants us to FOC-FOC-FOC on HER.

A little curiosity: for the Focus On Me shooting, Ary decided to dye her hair of paltinum blonde. Why Ary…why?!?! On Nova FM she reaveled: “Actually is not platinum blonde, but it’s actually white: super white indeed! Of course they are not my hair…it’s just a wig that I put on to look more like Lucious Malfoy“.

Speechless. Little Ary is a huge fan of Harry Potter‘s saga and that’s why she decided to make a tribute for the movie she loves so much. Believe it or not Ariana Grande has a nerdy side ladies and gentlemen.

Enjoy Focus On Me and let’s give her the FOC-FOC-FOCUS she deserves. Enjoy