Philip George – Wish You Were Mine – Summer 2015 Hit

Summer is home for dance music anthems that, punctual as clockworks, start to make their appearance on radios starting from April to June, every year, ready to color the hot season. Nobody wants to listen to sad songs or ballads during the holydays…there’s a full year to get depressed with that! The summer needs to be funny, coloured, thoughtless and relaxing.

Personally I choose Philip George‘s Wish You Were Mine as THE 2015 summer hit, even though it started to appear earlier this year. It was like January or February when from seemingly nowhere European radios and clubs have been swamped by the addictive sound of this track. With its mind wrecking banger, Wish You Were Mine can move even the laziest ass of the planet.

Nothing to say to this 22 y.o. British DJ and producer. This guy has talent y’all! The track has pratically no lyrics excluding “Oh cherie amour, pretty little one that I adore / You’re the only girl my heart beats for / You’re the only girl my heart beats for” followed by the banger chorus. But that’s ok. Dance songs are not about lyrics, they are all about rhythm. And Wish You Were Mine is rhythmed as hell. Enjoy Philip George‘s masterpiece.


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