Melanie Martinez – Soap

Who remembers Melanie Martinez? This very young and talented girl enthused the stage of The Voice USA edition some years ago with a terrific acoustic version of Britney’s Toxic. But unfortunately, the talent show didn’t give the 20 y.o. singer the success she actually deserves. We know the biz doesn’t always reward who really deserves it, and it’s so damn sad!

But Martinez didn’t give up at all. And now she is ready to hit the mainstream with her last electro pop tasty album Cry Baby (out on August), anticipated by the debut single Soap. This song is the perfect example of a spotlessly packaged track with a so refreshing beat which reachs its peak during the chorus, fully¬†covered with a bubble-beam-beat that takes the track on a complete new level. I am just scared that this track could be way too sophisticated to be understood by the mass.

I could think of Melanie as a happier version of Lana del Rey, stuffed with all the irriverence of Charli XCX. I really wish the best of luck to this artist. Yes, because she is an Artist (capital A). Enjoy Soap.


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