Eminem – Kings Never Die feat. Gwen Stefani (and the Queen knows it)

Is it real? I raised up with the music of those two music divinities. Loved Gwen back in the No Doubt’s days, and Eminem has been an icon to every white boy who was too ashamed to access a totally black rap world. And now they sing together? A dream come true. Both of them, but in different ways, broke the rules of the industry in their times. Who would have thought ska and dancehall could merge into rock? No Doubt did. And who would have thought a wigger would even get bigger than his mentor? The Real Slim Shady did.

Kings Never Die embodies the hard life of a King. And with this track Em tries his coronation as THE king. In the song, he tells the challenges he has faced over the years, his relationship of love and hate with rap, the critics, his drug addiction and fake rappers trying to imitate him. In every comeback, Eminem is always surprising, and not so much for the new name which is pointing to, but as for the choice of the genre: an original yet addicting merge of rap and rock. And we all know that behind a great king there is a great queen. Excellent choice for Em to team up with Gwen.

This song is huge and will get bigger since it has been chosen as OST for the Southpaw movie with Jake Gyllenhaal. Enjoy Kings Never Die.


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