Delta Goodrem – Wings

I am so happy that Delta Goodrem‘s official comeback has been announced in these days! For those of you who don’t know this huge Australian singer, just note that she’s only one little step below Kylie in Australia most successful artists of all time, her Innocent Eyes is the most sold EP in Australia history, and plus…she’s only 30. Amazing.

Appearing as one of the judges of the 2015 edition of The Voice of Australia (together with Jessie J, Ricky Martin and the Madden Bros), Delta is planning to make fire and flames with her return on stage. The comeback chosen song is Wings. The track is a catchy up tempo colored with a catchy-sounding orchestra, something different than Delta‘s previous style but in my opinion not inconsistent with her musical direction.

The song has everthing it takes to become a huge hit in Australia and it’s such a pity that the label behind Goodrem doesn’t even want to try to let her roll in Europe or in the US. While waiting for the official Wings video, enjoy the track on SC below. Enjoy!


Philip George – Wish You Were Mine – Summer 2015 Hit

Summer is home for dance music anthems that, punctual as clockworks, start to make their appearance on radios starting from April to June, every year, ready to color the hot season. Nobody wants to listen to sad songs or ballads during the holydays…there’s a full year to get depressed with that! The summer needs to be funny, coloured, thoughtless and relaxing.

Personally I choose Philip George‘s Wish You Were Mine as THE 2015 summer hit, even though it started to appear earlier this year. It was like January or February when from seemingly nowhere European radios and clubs have been swamped by the addictive sound of this track. With its mind wrecking banger, Wish You Were Mine can move even the laziest ass of the planet.

Nothing to say to this 22 y.o. British DJ and producer. This guy has talent y’all! The track has pratically no lyrics excluding “Oh cherie amour, pretty little one that I adore / You’re the only girl my heart beats for / You’re the only girl my heart beats for” followed by the banger chorus. But that’s ok. Dance songs are not about lyrics, they are all about rhythm. And Wish You Were Mine is rhythmed as hell. Enjoy Philip George‘s masterpiece.

Lana Del Rey – Honeymoon

After months and months of endless rumors and continuos anticipation, Lana Del Rey has finally returned on the scene with a different and more mature image than the Ultraviolence era. The alternative pop queen that has built in the last 3 years a very solid and distinctive image in the industry, is now ready to release her long waited new single Music To Watch Boys To.

However lady Lana has already released another track that will be included in her new upcoming project. The song in question is called Honeymoon, track that has already been anticipated by a very short YouTube preview some weeks ago.

With Honeymoon, Lana finally finds the light after the dark and gloomy Ultraviolence tunnel, with a more introspective and mature point of view. Even though the lyrics keep on painting dreamy and majestic atmospheres, lady Del Rey seems to find in Honeymoon the right balance between his earlier transition work and a whole new attitude in dealing with love.

As expected, Lana keeps on giving her best with deep retro sonorities, able to take her listeners 40 or 50 years back in time. But this time she prefers the 60’s rather than the 50’s as her inspiration source, and the result is a very intense and silky track, just like a warm cuddle during a icy cold winter. The combination of the dreamy base and her vocal interpretation is really something I can’t stop listening to. I am sure you will appreciate it as much as I do. Enjoy Honeymoon.

Tinashe – Up We Go

Yes fellas. There she goes again. I am talking about Miss Tinashe who, after paying a terrific tribute to Janet Jackson, is ready to drop new sounds with her upcoming second album. On Spin, Tinashe has revealed that she is determined, more than ever, “to hell reach my first no.1”. The 22 y.o. girl has no time to waste at all!

That’s why, and rumours seem to confirm it, the biggest pop and R&B producers have been involved in T’s new project: Max Martin (Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne), Dr. Luke (Missy Elliot, Ke$ha, P!nk) and Rock City (Mary J.Blige, Chris Brown, Rihanna) are just few of the names that are swirling around her next effort. If these are the premises, you can bet your ass off that this EP will be huge!

Meanwhile Up We Go appeared on YouTube just yesterday: a track that might have been created during the current recording session of the new album. It’s a fancy mid tempo that seems to be to be much more engaging and impactful compared to most of the material included in Aquarius EP (singles excluded) that really didn’t pay justice to the real talent of this girl.

And despite the wretched RCA management of this artist, Tinashe is working harder than ever promising that she will win her first Grammy. If the sophomore EP will be only as half mind wrecking as Up We Go chorus, then guys we probably are facing the new 2016 R&B Grammy star. Enjoy Up We Go.

Melanie Martinez – Soap

Who remembers Melanie Martinez? This very young and talented girl enthused the stage of The Voice USA edition some years ago with a terrific acoustic version of Britney’s Toxic. But unfortunately, the talent show didn’t give the 20 y.o. singer the success she actually deserves. We know the biz doesn’t always reward who really deserves it, and it’s so damn sad!

But Martinez didn’t give up at all. And now she is ready to hit the mainstream with her last electro pop tasty album Cry Baby (out on August), anticipated by the debut single Soap. This song is the perfect example of a spotlessly packaged track with a so refreshing beat which reachs its peak during the chorus, fully covered with a bubble-beam-beat that takes the track on a complete new level. I am just scared that this track could be way too sophisticated to be understood by the mass.

I could think of Melanie as a happier version of Lana del Rey, stuffed with all the irriverence of Charli XCX. I really wish the best of luck to this artist. Yes, because she is an Artist (capital A). Enjoy Soap.

Eminem – Kings Never Die feat. Gwen Stefani (and the Queen knows it)

Is it real? I raised up with the music of those two music divinities. Loved Gwen back in the No Doubt’s days, and Eminem has been an icon to every white boy who was too ashamed to access a totally black rap world. And now they sing together? A dream come true. Both of them, but in different ways, broke the rules of the industry in their times. Who would have thought ska and dancehall could merge into rock? No Doubt did. And who would have thought a wigger would even get bigger than his mentor? The Real Slim Shady did.

Kings Never Die embodies the hard life of a King. And with this track Em tries his coronation as THE king. In the song, he tells the challenges he has faced over the years, his relationship of love and hate with rap, the critics, his drug addiction and fake rappers trying to imitate him. In every comeback, Eminem is always surprising, and not so much for the new name which is pointing to, but as for the choice of the genre: an original yet addicting merge of rap and rock. And we all know that behind a great king there is a great queen. Excellent choice for Em to team up with Gwen.

This song is huge and will get bigger since it has been chosen as OST for the Southpaw movie with Jake Gyllenhaal. Enjoy Kings Never Die.