Jasmine Thompson – Adore

Oh My God! I am totally in love (musically speaking of course) with this girl. Remember this name people: Jasmine Thompson, half british, half chinese will become a huge star.

For those of you who don’t know her, she’s a massive Tuber. Her YouTube channel has reached more than 1,3 mio followers. Insane for this very talented kid. Yes guys, she’s just 14 y.o. and it completely shocked me when I first discovered it! She is definetely very mature for her age, and even more mature than many other older colleagues. She reminds me somehow of a first period Lana Del Ray.

Thompson gained quite a name in the social networks scene covering many hits, like her stunning performance of Let Her Go by Passenger (it gave me goose bumps seriously), and she just decided to publish her first original song, Adore. The track is a cool mix of electronic and acoustic guitar and her very warm voice perfectly fuses with the base.

It seems that her first EP will be brought out in stores this summer by Atlantic Records. I really can’t wait to hear more original stuff from this sublime little diva.

For now, enjoy her dreaming Adore.


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