Alyxx Dione – Chingalinga feat. Jason Derulo

This girl must be very lucky. Alyxx Dione is relatively unknown to the mass public still. Until when Mr. golden-hands Jason Derulo noticed this young lady, spontaneously offered his support in her first single Chingalinga…and signed her as the first artist of his Future History Records label!

All the industry knows Jason‘s kindness and reliability in the business, but there must be something weird behind all this generosity. Especially now that Derulo broke up with R&B star Jordin Sparks. Did Alyxx captured the heart of our Florida golden boy? The lyrics of Chingalinga have the answer, maybe.

The track is a ridiculously catchy club-banger and is one of those songs with huge potential that, if well promoted, would surely meet the public’s favor. Alyxx reminds me a lot of an early Ciara, with its fiery and provocative lyrics.

Chingalinga‘s text begins kinda weirdly (shoot that bazooka?? big barracuda??) but soon turns into a very danceable track when Alyxx explains how to open her personal “gates”. “I got the keys to the kingdom now, they ching-a-ling when my chain hang down. My golden gates got the boys locked out, but who got the keys?”

Does Jason really have the keys to her golden gates? Remember this name guys, we will surely hear more from this blondie.

For now enjoy Alyxx‘s Chingalinga.


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