Meek Mill – All Eyes On You feat. Nicki Minaj & Chris Brown

Everybody knows that Meek Mill is Nicki‘s new crush. But listening to the Philly rapper new song, I guess we can witness something more. Not more than one week ago, Meek announced the release of his second album Dreams Worth More Than Money anticipated by the single All Eyes On You. A club anthem, corroborated by Mr. Chris “Golden Hands” Brown vocals which turn every track he’s in into music gold.

The track tells about the classic hip-hop love story striking lightinings at the club, with Meek spotting “the realest” Nicki, knowing that he will not let her go away anymore. Nicki, meanwhile, will do the same, keeping for her “the realest” Meek at just one condition: to stop heartthrobbing around because now she has an “exclusive”.

Dream Worth More Than Money will definetely be a massive success. For this project, Meek Mill teams up with Drake, The Weeknd, Rick Ross, Future, Diddy, Swizz Beats and of course Chris Brown and queen Nicki Minaj.

While waiting for DWMTM release, enjoy All Eyes On You.


M.I.A. & Gener8ion – The New International Sound (Pt. 2)

Ok. Call the doctor everyone. I am obsessed with this new track. M.I.A. is definitely confirming herself as one of the most creative and polyhedral guerrilla artist of the electro-alternative scene nowadays. After the success of her 2013 Matangi EP, her official come-back slowly approaching. And this time the Bad Girl teams up with talented French producer Gener8ion.

The result is The New International Sound Pt.2. a 120% addictive track, a mix of fearsome rhymes wisely placed in a totally danceable and mind wrecking base, empowered with some asian synths that give the track a somewhat majestic aura. I really can’t stop listening to that.

Plus the video is huge! 36.000 Shaolin students performing a massive unexceptionable choreographed routine. And of course the lyrics don’t hide a political indictment against the strict educational and informative Chinese regime (“You can kill my privacy, but you can’t kill that love in me”).

That M.I.A.Gener8ion collabo is off da chain! Enjoy!

Jasmine Thompson – Adore

Oh My God! I am totally in love (musically speaking of course) with this girl. Remember this name people: Jasmine Thompson, half british, half chinese will become a huge star.

For those of you who don’t know her, she’s a massive Tuber. Her YouTube channel has reached more than 1,3 mio followers. Insane for this very talented kid. Yes guys, she’s just 14 y.o. and it completely shocked me when I first discovered it! She is definetely very mature for her age, and even more mature than many other older colleagues. She reminds me somehow of a first period Lana Del Ray.

Thompson gained quite a name in the social networks scene covering many hits, like her stunning performance of Let Her Go by Passenger (it gave me goose bumps seriously), and she just decided to publish her first original song, Adore. The track is a cool mix of electronic and acoustic guitar and her very warm voice perfectly fuses with the base.

It seems that her first EP will be brought out in stores this summer by Atlantic Records. I really can’t wait to hear more original stuff from this sublime little diva.

For now, enjoy her dreaming Adore.

Prince Royce – Back It Up feat Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull

Summer is at the door and, just like clockworks, latin popstars come out of their winter sleep to flood the international music panorama with their so damn predictable freshness. This time is the turn of 26 y.o. Prince Royce who teams up with Miss and Mr Worldwide, best known as Jennifer “From the block” Lopez and Pitbull.

The song is Back It Up and, to be very honest, is the perfect well packaged, so boring and so early 2000s track! I mean it’s catchy, danceable, with the same racy of always lyrics and everything, but to me it really tastes of nothing. Seriously, I appreciate artists who openly admit they sing for money and not for glory, but please a little bit of self respect doesn’t hurt at all, even in tracks like these.

If the dethroned Prince Royce wanted to bring into the scene something different than the classic bachata who made him a huge star in Latin America, he took quite a slip.Pitbull is the anti-originality right now…he really is everywhere!

So if you need a very simple and fresh 3 mins song to shake your butt with, then Back It Up does for you. Enjoy the video (really worth it. Thanks Jenny!).

Alyxx Dione – Chingalinga feat. Jason Derulo

This girl must be very lucky. Alyxx Dione is relatively unknown to the mass public still. Until when Mr. golden-hands Jason Derulo noticed this young lady, spontaneously offered his support in her first single Chingalinga…and signed her as the first artist of his Future History Records label!

All the industry knows Jason‘s kindness and reliability in the business, but there must be something weird behind all this generosity. Especially now that Derulo broke up with R&B star Jordin Sparks. Did Alyxx captured the heart of our Florida golden boy? The lyrics of Chingalinga have the answer, maybe.

The track is a ridiculously catchy club-banger and is one of those songs with huge potential that, if well promoted, would surely meet the public’s favor. Alyxx reminds me a lot of an early Ciara, with its fiery and provocative lyrics.

Chingalinga‘s text begins kinda weirdly (shoot that bazooka?? big barracuda??) but soon turns into a very danceable track when Alyxx explains how to open her personal “gates”. “I got the keys to the kingdom now, they ching-a-ling when my chain hang down. My golden gates got the boys locked out, but who got the keys?”

Does Jason really have the keys to her golden gates? Remember this name guys, we will surely hear more from this blondie.

For now enjoy Alyxx‘s Chingalinga.

Tinashe – All Hands On Deck

I discovered Tinashe like 1 year ago or something. Just by chance I was browsing some new things on YouTube until I stood on one of the coolest R&B songs of 2014 I heard: 2 On. Quite impressive for this 22 y.o. hottie. Since that I have been a big supporter of miss Tinashe. Beside being a very talented singer, she knows also how to shake her bums, compose and record her music. Don’t let her pretty face fools you. Tinashe just knows how to do it.
Her latest single All Hands On Deck, from EP Amethyst, is totally in line with 2 On sounds. But beside being a super danceable R&B track, there is a wise and well calibrated use of bumping bass and beeping beats all over the track, with an unexpected extra flute loop background that recalls the Zimbabwe origins of her family, giving the song an ethnic note.
See Tinashe rocking the shipping deck in the video below. Enjoy!

Pia Mia – Do It Again feat. Tyga & Chris Brown

Why the Internet is so important to musicians, singers and everyone who wants to enter this business? Simple. Because the Internet can reach billions of people around the world.
And 18 y.o. Guam princess Pia Mia Perez knows it for sure.
After publishing on her Youtube channel covers of R&B and Hip Hop music gods like Bruno Mars or Drake, she eventually reached her mass success when in 2013 she has been noticed by Bu Tahim (Chris Brown manager) and in 2014 Interscope Records put her under its wing.
Pia Mia can count on many friends and supporters like his majesty Kanye West and queen Kim Kardashian.
No doubt she will get a huge success with such glamorous fellows.
And now someone is comparing her to the next Rita Ora? Guys you must be kidding me!
She got all the swag and the attitude needed, but wait a minute! Pia Mia needs to walk hundreds miles before getting even closer to the British-Albanian star.
For now listen to her brand new single, Do It Again featuring Chris Brown and Tyga. A very fresh and danceable track for this 2015 summer.